Last Day In Dublin

As my friend Julia and I say our good-byes to the beautiful city of Dublin, we made our last pit stops at our favorite and most iconic spots. We took this opportunity to get pictures with the Holy Cross pennant Julia brought from Worcester!

First and foremost, as we hopped off of the 39A from UCD, we walked through St. Stephen’s Green. This gorgeous green-scape was the perfect spot for picnics during the warmer months and for brisk walks during the cooler ones. Right around the center of town, St. Stephen’s Green is perfectly placed by the best restaurants or cafes to grab snacks for those aforementioned picnics. 

Me at St. Stephen’s Green

Speaking of, our next stop was the Beanhive. This was our go-to spot for the most delicious muffins you’ll ever taste. Not only this, but they customize your latte art every time you go!

After our warm mocha lattes, it was time for us to take a turn onto Grafton Street. This iconic parade of shops is undoubtedly a stop for many tourists, and rightly so. Flower carts line the street, luxury brands are at every corner, and musicians create crowds down the entire alley while playing their melodies. 

Me on Grafton Street

Following the excitement of Grafton Street, we made our way over to the Temple Bar area. It is essentially a rite of passage to get your picture by Temple Bar, and it’s an added bonus if you’re in the area around Christmas in time for the festive decorations.

Me Outside of Temple Bar

I’m going to miss Dublin dearly, but I’ll be back over Spring break to visit a few of my friends abroad! Stay tuned for more content I’ve collected along my months abroad as well as future content from my visit. Worcester here I come!

Fan-girling in Dublin

If there is one thing you need to know about my friends and I, it’s that we are very dedicated to the things and people we love. In this case, my friend Helena and I are VERY dedicated to the band Inhaler. If you are unaware of this Dublin-based band, you may be aware of the classic Irish phenomenon U2. The frontman of Inhaler, Elijah Hewson, is Bono’s son! My friend and I have seen Inhaler many times in concert, and when we heard they were playing a show in Dublin, it felt like fate. 

Since Helena decided to book a ticket from Boston to Dublin just to see Inhaler (and visit me of course), I knew I had to show her around and make the most of her weekend trip to the Emerald Isle. I started showing her around by stopping at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, which was absolutely breathtaking on that sunny day. We then made our way over to the grounds of the Dublin Castle. Here I caught a photo of Helena in the gardens.

Making our way across the River Liffey, we made it to the Hugh Lane Gallery. Since I’m currently taking a class at University College of Dublin called “Dublin: It’s Museums and Collections”, I’ve been studying a lot about Hugh Lane and the works he collected while he was in Dublin. If you’re looking for a fascinating class combining Irish history and its art, this class is for you. Helena and I walked around the museum during its exclusive Andy Warhol exhibition. We got inspired and decided to take a shot at photography while viewing the art. 

Finally, after stopping at Tower Records foreshadowing our evening, we made it to the 3Arena to see the concert of our lives.

We made so many fun friends waiting in the line with us, listened to our favorite songs of all time, and never stopped jumping throughout the entirety of the concert. I’ve been incredibly grateful for my study abroad experiences thus far, and I’m so lucky to share these moments with some of my best friends. 

The Inhaler Concert!

Thanks for reading, and stream “Dublin in Ecstasy” by Inhaler on any streaming platform.  

My best friend and I